About My Lash Lady

Hi! My name is Carolyn, I am a licensed Cosmetologist in NH specializing in Lash Extension services. I have a busy schedule, like you, and we do not have time in our life for tools that do not work the way they are supposed to. So, I created my own line mostly out of necessity and I am committed to providing great tools to other artists like you. Every tool is hand tested by me to meet our strict needs, and let's face it, not every tool is created equal. My tools are not painted so the handles won't chip off while we're using them and the tips are designed and fabricated to hold those little strands perfectly. From Classic lashes to Mega Volume, I've got you covered. I have no desire to create an entire product line, no adhesives, no lashes, no bonders or primers here. Just tools so we can work our magic little wands and perform miracles every day. I named every style after women in my family because we work hard and deserve respect and honor. Without these women, I would not be who I am today.  I hope you enjoy these tools as much as I do. 

🩷 Carolyn